Club Sandwich Supermarket featuring Go-Cakes – Get ’em To Go!

What could be better than getting your Club Sandwich fix immediately? Getting it to go!

Introducing… Club Sandwich Go-Cakes! Original Cakes in miniature styles for Take-away, Gifts, or Surprises!

Brown Butter and White Chocolate Rice Krispy Go-Cakes with Ube Royal Icing * fork included!

Ube (“oo-be”), made from purple yam, is a popular ingredient in Filipino and Thai baking – the ube cake is the traditional birthday cake of the Philippines! The purple yam is dried, dehydrated and pulverized, and the resulting ube powder can be reconstituted with water, cream, or milk to add a mauve hue to cake batters and frosting, or creamed with sugar to make jam. It lends a starchy sweetness similar to that of a sweet potato or squash and provides a natural alternative to food colouring… if you’re into that sort of thing.

Salted Cocoa and Buttercream Cookie Go-Cakes – Eat ’em like a sandwich!

Too cute to eat? Probably not. Nutella Banana Walnut Mini Loaf Go-Cakes.

If you spotted them, the fractal Romanesco cauliflower, spherical green kohlrabi and Enoki mushroom-and-diamond bouquet added a The Food Is Out Thereย vibe to the table!

It’s a Piece of Cake choosing the Famous Club Sandwich Candy Pretzels – disguised in a slice, it’s an optical illusion!

Watch for another round of 101 Markets on Sunday, December 16 at 3030 Dundas West – Club Sandwich will introduce another original item sure to be a sweet treat for the holidays.


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