Club Sandwich Supermarket Take-Out Cake-Out!

This month Club Sandwich Supermarket at 101 Markets was inspired by the Chinese New Year, a celebration of reconciliation, cleansing and the sincere wish of happiness for everybody! Served on festive silver platters, typical Chinese food take-out containers made it easy for happy shoppers to take home their goodies to warm and share, or eat right away with a pink spoon!

Happy New Year!

Club Sandwich predicts there is cake in your future.


Your Fortune: Your world will soon be turned upside-down.

With this Double-Blueberry Upside-Down Cake with Pistachios and Mandarin Glaze!

Coconut Burgers

Your Fortune: You will soon come into riches.

Like, as rich as Coconuts Cream Cheese Buttercream Go-Cakes with Toasted Coconut and Roasted Black Sesame Seeds? Yes.


Your Fortune: Your cake will be free.

Gluten-free that is! One cake – Apricot macadamia nut cake with pumpkin seed streusel – two ways! Eat better in 2013 with gluten-free cake (with almond meal instead of flour), and “conventional” flour coffee cake, both a classy choice with no butter or oil.

Don’t forget to pick your cookie!

The only thing missing is fireworks. Happy new year, new tastes and new ideas from Club Sandwich. Thank You Come Again!


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