Women in Clothes like Snacks too!

Women in Clothes is a fantastic compendium of women’s conversations about the ways that we dress ourselves. For this exciting new release from Penguin Random House, authors Sheila Heti, Heidi Julavits and Leanne Shapton surveyed women all over the world for insight and the result is a beautifully bound testament to dress that will become a prominent and stylish feature of every bookshelf it inhabits.


And since I want to dress like a glitter meringue everyday… Home Baking Co. and I shared these goodies at the launch to celebrate the book and its team at Gravitypope on Queen W. The sweet colour-coordinated snacks were accompanied by a thoughtful clothing swap and complimentary beverages – lots of people stuck around to tell their own stories about how they manage to leave the house everyday looking exactly like their own kind of glitter meringue.



Thanks LKM for the pic, company, and good taste! xx


Read more about the book and its authors here.

Thanks to friends at Penguin Random House for inviting these sweets!



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